Tesco Pet Insurance Review UK

by Jeremy on January 29, 2010

Tesco Dog Insurance UK

Tesco pet insurance reviewMany dog owners in the UK are looking to find a good dog insurance company to insure their dog with. I have done a review of Tesco Pet Insurance so you can get an ubiased opinion of the company.

Tesco pet insurance is one of the leading pet insurance companies in the UK. Tesco dog insurance covers offer protection to dogs under various covers, but they do not cover any pre-existing medical conditions that a dog may be suffering from at the time of taking out the policy. For new clients, Tesco dog insurance policies will not cover selected breeds of dogs which have reached six years old.

The standard Tesco dog insurance policy will cover up to £2,500 of the cost of treating a dog for injury or illnesses which are eligible under the cover. This cover offers a maximum of 12 months protection from when the eligible condition begins and lasts for the time that the policy remains active. The Tesco dog insurance extra policy will cover up to £4,000 of the cost of treating a dog for injury or illnesses eligible under the cover. This cover has no time limit on when the pet owner may submit a claim, so long as the policy remains active.

If you buy your Tesco dog insurance online, you get to pay a mere £8.50 per month and will also be able to choose additional cover options to afford your pet even more protection. Tesco pet insurance also assists its clients in finding a vet during an emergency, as well as advice and support in the event that their dog passes away. Moreover, Tesco pet insurance will not reduce the level of dog cover provided as your dog gets older. Tesco dog insurance covers have fixed excess payments which let the pet owner know how much they will be required to pay in the event that they wish to make a claim. Customers at Tesco pet insurance may pay their monthly premiums using credit cards or Clubcard vouchers. Policy quotes may be obtained online on the Tesco pet insurance company website.

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