Tesco Dog Insurance Review

by Jeremy on November 1, 2010

Dog owners’ number one concern in caring for their dogs should always be their health. With the proliferation of different dog health problems and illnesses, paying for continual medication and treatment can put a great dent in the pocket. Thanks to the insurance industry for introducing pet insurance to the market, now, dog owners need not worry about the huge medical bills to pay.tesco dog insurance review

Among the pet insurance packages available today, Tesco Pet Insurance is a top name in providing comprehensive coverage to dogs, ensuring excellent service to policy holders who have the welfare of their dogs as their top priority.

Pet Travel Insurance with Tesco Dog Insurance

Thinking of travelling abroad and bringing your dog along? Then go ahead, because with Tesco Pet Insurance, quarantine costs are no problem. In case your dog’s passport gets lost, don’t worry. Tesco Pet Insurance also got that covered. Have emergency expenses such as sudden illness but you’re abroad, no need to panic. Tesco Pet Insurance gives you £300 worth of coverage.

Tesco Pet Insurance Plans

Two coverage options are offered by Tesco Pet Insurance. This seems limiting, as other pet insurance companies can offer up to three choices for potential policy holders. The Standard and Extra level cover from Tesco Pet Insurance differ mainly on the amount of coverage per illness and the time period on making claims. With the Standard level, claims can be made only within a year from the first treatment date. If you go beyond this period and have not made any claim, further claims would not be processed With the Extra level cover, as long as the policy is active, you can make claims even after year has gone.

Pet Emergencies with Tesco

For emergency situations where you need immediate veterinary service for your dog, Tesco will help you find the nearest available vet for you. And because Tesco Pet Insurance cares so much about your dogs, you are given advice and support in the event that your dog dies. A 24/7 pet care hotline has also been set up by Tesco to further help you in caring for your dog. Get tips, care techniques, first aid help, among others, from a certified vet nurse. Thus, you are assured that all the information you get are only to make your dog’s health better.

What Does Tesco Pet Insurance Cover?

Here is a sampling from the Tesco website

What do I get with Tesco Pet Insurance?

  • Choice of Standard and Extra level cover
  • Additional cover options available for even more protection
  • Clubcard discount for new customers
  • Multi pet discount, get a 10% discount on the additional premium for each additional pet you add to your policy (discounts are applied consecutively)
  • Help finding an emergency vet, and advice and support if your pet passes away
  • We don’t change the policy conditions just because your pet gets older
  • Fixed excess payments so you’ll always know what you need to pay for a claim
  • Pay by monthly Direct Debit or use your Clubcard vouchers

Tesco Pet Insurance Discounts

Savings is a great deal with Tesco Pet Insurance. New policy holders can avail of 20% discount in their first year on online purchase. Further discount of 5% is offered for Clubcard holders, which is an exclusive offer. If you obtain another insurance package for your other pets, enjoy an additional 10% discount. Isn’t that just amazing? You get to save a lot just by ensuring that your pets are all protected.

With all these, Tesco is a great option as you select the best pet insurance package for you. Just always keep in mind that your dog’s health is priceless, and shelling out a few bucks to ensure that health is at its best should never be an issue. Show how much you care for your dog; get a pet insurance now.

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