Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance Review

by Jeremy on October 27, 2010

The best way to show your love for your dog is to take good care of his health. Tough times will always come, and money may not always be available, especially when unexpected expenses brought about by sudden illnesses arise. We want you to always have coverage for your dog so this is why we have written this sainsbury pet insurance reviewsainsburys pet insurance review Medical bills may easily pile up during these times, and if you are not prepared, you may find yourself digging through almost-empty pockets just to bring back your dog to its previous healthy self. If the illness proves to be on the severe side, then long-term medication may be needed, and this is tantamount to an even higher pile of medical bills.

Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance is only one of the many choices you have for an insurance provider. Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance offers two insurance plans for your dog: Option 1 and Option 2. As with the plans given by other insurance companies, one offers less coverage and a claim period of 12 months, whereas the other gives a larger amount of coverage and no time limit for claims. With Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance, the latter is Option 2.

Aside from offering low prices on pet insurance, Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance currently offers even more savings. Purchase an insurance package online, and get three month’s worth of premium free! Make the purchase until November of this year, and the free premium is yours. You also get 5% discount on your next purchase. Aside from this, you also get double points on your Nectar card when you do your Sainsbury’s shopping every week for two straight years. The Nectar card is a reward points program: earn as much points as you can through purchases and promos like this, and redeem those points for freebies, groceries, etc. Imagine the total savings you get from these discounted insurance policies and freebies.

However, insurance coverage only becomes effective 14 days after the purchase of the policy. Any illnesses or injuries that have occurred within the first 14 days are not covered. This is a negative mark on Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance, as there are pet insurance companies that provide service immediately after policy purchase or have less number of days of noncoverage.

Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance Customer Service

Customer service is also an important part of the Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance service. The staff is well trained in handling claims and follows simple but accurate methods in processing different pet insurance cases. Improvement in service is always the goal, making sure to address the main root of problems, so the next time the same insurance case happens, better service can be provided.

If you have finally made up your mind and would like to purchase Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance, whether it be Option 1 or Option 2, all you need to do is request for a quote and provide the necessary details, such as dog’s birth date, gender, and breed, and your postcode. It’s that simple. You may ask more questions to be well-informed. Do that and you are on your way to providing better health coverage for your dog. Your pet will thank you for it.

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