Pet Pals Direct Pet Insurance Review – Cheap and Convenient

by Jeremy on November 8, 2010

Pet Pals pet insurance gives great value to your money as it provides insurance packages that are easy on the pocket. Dog insurance starts at as low as £8.13 per month. For only a few pounds, your dogs will be covered for serious illnesses, and you, as the pet owner, on the other hand, will have peace of mind that if ever an unfortunate incident happens to your dogs, you can handle it with ease. You never have to worry about the rising cost of vet fees, treatment, and procedures.

Aside from the inexpensive insurance packages, one more thing commendable with Pet Pals pet insurance is that the company is pet pals direct reviewquick to pay claims, we have verified this by reading a number of Pet Pals Pet Insurance Reviews. Pet Pals has an ongoing policy that claims should be processed in only a week. You and your vet do not have to worry about bills not being paid, as vet fees are immediately reimbursed, with no unnecessary arguments with the insurance staff. You do however need to pay a certain percentage of the claims, as with any other insurance plans. The amount that you need to pay depends on the amount of claim.

In case you cannot immediately lend time to processing your Pet Pals pet insurance claim, that should not be a problem. Pet Pals pet insurance does not impose a deadline on when claims can only be reimbursed. Other insurance companies adhere to a one-year claim period, but Pet Pals does not.

Pet Pals insurance also provides impressive customer support, as they have polite staff that is easy to talk to and helpful and that explain the nitty-gritty of insurance policies.

Lastly, Pet Pals pet insurance is convenient. You have the choice to either receive claims or have Pet Pals pay your veterinarian directly. You just need to inform the friendly insurance staff on which way you want to go.

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