E and L Pet Insurance Review

by Jeremy on October 29, 2010

E and L Pet Insurance has been in the pet insurance business for more than 20 years and has established a name in the industry. Value for money and high-quality pet coverage are the best bets of E and L Pet Insurance in winning the approval of dog owners, who have nowadays been knowledgeable on the importance of pet insurance in ensuring the health of their pet dogs. E and L Pet Insurance is a helping hand in eliminating the anxiety caused by expensive vet fees and rising hospital bills. Today, for just a few bucks, dogs are assured of the best quality insurance service.

E and L Pet Insurance is easy to access. Online quotes are available for interested dog owners. With the e and l pet insurance reviewtouch of your fingertips and absolutely no hassle at all, you can easily ensure your dog’s health. And upon purchasing online, policy holders are given 20% discount right off. Provision to acquire pet insurance for a second pet is also available and adds another 10% off the insurance plan price.

With E and L Pet Insurance, your dogs are covered for vet fees up to £6000. And you get that whole coverage for just a very low monthly payment. Unlike some insurance companies that offer only two coverage levels, E and L Pet Insurance has three options for dog owners to choose from: Silver, Gold, and Diamond dog insurance plans. The Diamond plan provides the highest coverage. So should anything unfortunate occur, like emergencies, accidents, or unexpected injuries and illnesses, you need not worry.

And in case your dog gets lost or stolen, E and L Pet Insurance has The National Pet Register, which is 24-hour lost and found service that provides advertising and rewards. This service is available to policy holders for one whole year for free. Rest assured that your dogs are really well taken care of with E and L Pet Insurance.

And in case you are travelling and your dog gets lost in another country, E and L will still be there to help you with its Pet Travel Insurance. Within this, you don’t need to worry about your dog getting quarantined. You can easily bring your pet along as you travel, as quarantine fees are covered. Purchase this insurance online and E and L gives you 5% discount. Talk about even more savings!

Another good thing about E and L Pet Insurance is the company provides pet insurance for older dogs. While some other insurance companies seem to be allergic in providing service to aged dogs, E and L Pet Insurance knows that older dogs still need protection and coverage. For dog owners who have mature dogs, the E and L Senior Pet Insurance is the best option for you. This package has no maximum age limit.

E and L Pet Insurance is a practical solution to making sure you got your dog’s health protected. Whether you have young or old dogs, with E and L Pet Insurance, you have peace of mind.

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