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by Jeremy on February 22, 2010

Dog Insurance in the UK
There are a number of pet health insurance companies in the UK that offer dog insurance. One is Animal Friends Dog Insurance UK. Animal Friends Dog Insurance UK offers some of the most competitive rates on pet health insurance premiums. This dog insurance company also offers policies which provide full coverage for various types of ailments. Animal Friends offers two types of policies for dog owners: the Standard cover and the Gold cover. Both of these covers include advertising and reward, boarding fees, death from accident or illness, holiday cancellation, loss by theft or straying, third party liability, as well as vet bills.
Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance is another dog insurance company in the UK which offers good coverage especially for senior dogs. Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance also accepts fairly high claims for vet fees with coverage going as high as £6,500 per claim, without any limitation on timeframe. This pet health insurance company also offers coverage for cost of dietary treatment required for certain medical conditions, as well as third party liability to protect you from suit in the event that your dog causes injury to a third party. Their cover also provides for advertising costs in the event that you lose your pet, as well as a reward for information which could help you find your missing pet.
Direct Line Pet Insurance is another company which offers dog insurance in the UK. Direct Line Pet Insurance offers covers for emergencies or illnesses to help ease the burden of vet bills. Unfortunately, this company offers limited coverage in terms of the amount claimed, as well as the time frame of the policy. Dog owners can easily order their pet insurance by going online and logging onto the Direct Line Pet Insurance website. Like many other pet insurance companies, Direct Line will not cover pre-existing conditions.

If you are looking for UK dog insurance you should contact the above mentioned dog insurance companies to find the best rate. Be sure you shop around to find the best UK pet insurance for your dog.

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