Direct Line Pet Insurance Review

by Jeremy on November 2, 2010

As one saying goes, “Health is wealth.” This does not only apply to humans but to your pet dogs as well. Taking care of your dog’s health should always be number one in your pet care list. When health is the topic, illnesses and injuries always come into the picture. These cannot be completely avoided. No matter how healthy your dog is, there will still come a time you’re your dog may undergo unforeseen accidents, medical emergencies, and unexpected injuries. All these may give tremendous amount of stress not only to your dog, who suffers the physical pain, but also to you, the dog owner, who may suffer monetary insufficiency with all the medical and veterinary fees that need to be settled. This stress may be avoided if you consider getting pet insurance policy for your dog. When you get one, you save yourself the trouble of having to worry about where to get the money you need when the unfortunate happens.

direct line pet insurance reviewNow that you have given pet insurance some thought, the next thing you need to do is to scout for the best pet insurance package that you can avail of. With the numerous pet insurance companies that have entered the market, selecting the best can be quite difficult and confusing. It is always best to make in-depth research on the benefits and the limitations of each insurance plan available out there.

One of the main players in the pet insurance industry is Direct Line Pet Insurance. Direct Line Pet Insurance has maintained its goal of providing comprehensive insurance coverage, even with the stiff competition.

Direct Line Dog Insurance Coverage

Direct Line offers coverage for dogs in the U.K. only, excluding working and vicious dogs. This places a limitation on potential policy holders who may want to avail of Direct Line pet insurance but cannot do so because they are located outside the U.K.

Direct Line Pet Insurance Plans

Direct Line pet insurance coverage is in two forms: Essential and Advanced. The two differs in the amount of coverage and the claim period that is given to the policy holder. The Essential package requires that you process claims within 12 months after first medical procedure, whereas the Advanced package gives you the freedom to claim whenever you want to, with the lack of strict claim period.

Pet Insurance Discounts

Purchase of insurance packages may be done through phone by calling their U.K. office. And when you purchase not just one package, you get to enjoy 15% discount of your second purchase. That is great savings right there.

As Direct Line celebrates its 25 years in the insurance business, enjoy even more savings; visit the website now and get the chance to avail of 25% discount on the Essential package. This discount applies to the monthly payment for the first 12 months of the insurance policy. However, note that the discount may not be used in conjunction with other promos and special offers. Simply quote “Pet 25” when you apply by phone.

Avail of pet insurance for your dog to make sure you take care of his health. Spend for it; after all your dog’s welfare is of utmost importance.

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