Trupanion Pet Insurance Reviews

by Jeremy on November 16, 2010

With Trupanion I found that it shows you clearly what is and what isn’t covered if your pet becomes injured or is sick. Everything is explained so you can understand what the insurance is about but I would still say read the terms in the small print before you sign up as with anything. In this Trupanion pet insurance review we give you a good look at what you get, and more information about Trupanion.

There is a part where you get your quote and it has 7 questions that you have to answer. If your pet is about 1 year or older though you are usually recommended to get another company as Trupanion is only for puppies and kittens which is the only downfall.

I feel that the reason that they stick to only puppies and kittens is that usually they are quitetrupanion pet insurance reviews well and don’t get injured or ill. So of course they will save money on the insurance as it is usually the older pets that fall ill more often or have accidents. With puppies it charge around $24.00 per month for the insurance premium. The good thing about this is that you can compare them with other pet insurance companies and they do seem to be the most economical.

It does have a lot of good features in the insurance so best to check out their site and see for yourself. Now obviously this article is all about reviews on Trupanion. They do have a lot of positive feedback especially when it comes to customer care and Trupanion does seem to be the best cover for young pets.

They do not have a deductible or excess like other companies which is great and there are savings to be made and the premiums do not go up when you make a claim which is good, so I would say that it is good value for money. A couple of people said that there was a problem with a vet that couldn’t diagnose and treat the problem so this caused several claims for the same problem so there was an issue with those claims but that is not really Trupanion’s fault.

If you are at all worried about any aspect of the insurance then speak to the underwriting department or claims department and they will tell you all about the insurance so you understand. To be fair I would say that this is a good insurance company with good value for money. It is very comparative and the cover that is offered is very good. No other pet insurance so far comes close to Trupanion pet insurance. So if you are looking for a good insurance for your pet then you can’t go wrong with this company.

If you have a young pet then this is probably the best insurance you can find. Of course you will have to read the small print first but overall a good and safe bet for your pet. Your pet deserves to be treated well and with Trupanion pet insurance that is what he will get at all times.

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Erik Parsons November 17, 2010 at 6:23 pm

Great stuff. Thanks for emphasizing that this type of insurance is only perfect for puppies. At least, people will not spend their money especially if their pets cannot use it anyway.

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