Embrace Dog Insurance

by Jeremy on December 4, 2009

Embrace Pet Insurance

embrace pet insurance for dogsEmbrace Insurance is a pet insurance company which offers dog insurance to pet owners to protect them from huge, unexpected vet bills. Embrace Insurance for dogs offers dog owners reimbursements for costs relating to diagnostics, hospitalization, surgery, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, as well as alternative and homeopathic therapies. Embrace Insurance does not dictate which vets are covered in their dog insurance policies, instead allowing pet owners to visit any vet of their choice. However, Embrace dog insurance specifically excludes coverage for pre-existing health conditions.

Under the Embrace dog insurance policy, the pet owner simply needs to visit a vet, pay for treatment of their dog, then submit a claim form to the insurance company, along with an itemized invoice. Thereafter, Embrace Insurance will process the claim and issue a refund within 10 to 15 business days.

At Embrace, the dog insurance policy costs an average of $27 per month. However, the amount of premium will vary depending of the age of the dog, the dog breed, as well as the amount of coverage that the pet owner selects. By selecting a major medical dog insurance plan with a high deductible, Embrace Insurance clients are able to keep their premiums low and affordable without their having to sacrifice coverage.

Most of the online reviews left about Embrace Insurance have been very positive. One satisfied customer described Embrace Insurance and its staff as “the fantastic people who work there, made everything simple not only for us, but our vet’s office as well”. This client had her Rottweiler diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia even before he was a year old and had to undergo two surgical procedures, during which Embrace Insurance facilitated a smooth and easy process when it came to meeting the vet bills. Another happy client was happy with the fact that the claims process at Embrace Insurance is kept as simple as possible, with an easy to understand claim form and a constantly on hand staff.

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