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by Jeremy on December 19, 2009

Canadian Dog Insurance

Dog insurance in CanadaThere are a number of companies that offer dog insurance in Canada. Below is a brief look at two of the popular companies and what they offer to Canadian dog lovers. The article below offers a dog insurance comparison between Petsecure and Pethealth. By comparing petsecure vs pethealth you should be able to choose the best pet insurance for your dog

Petsecure is a wholly owned and operated Canadian dog insurance company which offers dog insurance in Canada. It is one of the largest and oldest companies in the field and offers coverage for a monthly fee of $21.41. Petsecure offers accident coverage to $1,000 per accident and illness coverage to $1,000 per condition. Moreover, Petsecure offers up to 80% coverage for all approved claims for dog insurance. Pet lovers also receive three annual deductible options when it comes to coverage. These include dental coverage of up to $20, behavioral therapy, alternative treatments, as well as medical devices for up to $350. Some of the benefits that members of Petsecure would enjoy include, in the event that you lose your pet, fees for boarding kennels, and the option of burial or cremation in the event that your dog dies.

Another company which offers dog insurance in Canada is Pethealth. Pethealth is the largest provider of major pet medical insurance in Canada, and the second largest in the whole northern American region. Pethealth offers accident coverage and at a monthly rate of $9.95. Some of the key features of Pethealth’s dog insurance coverage are that it offers up to $2000 for certain selected accidents and $50 is deductible. Moreover, Pethealth does not offer any illness coverage for dogs. The company offers various other coverage plans including the Gold plan for a monthly rate of $22.95; and the Preferred plan which comes at a monthly rate of $34.95. The Gold plan offers a deductible of between $50-70 and the company will give a payout of between 70-100% of the approved claim, depending on the monthly rate. The Preferred plan covers all types of accidents and illnesses and pays up to 70% on all approved claims.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article about dog insurance in Canada. Picking the right dog insurance can be hard so I take pride in providing accurate information to help you find the best insurance for your dog. I think that being a Canadian myself, it is comforting to find a Canadian owned and operated business. Also it is usually easier to deal with Canadian dog insurance companies as some of the pet insurance companies in the USA either will not cover your dog, or will provide a lot of hassles when it comes to making claims.

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December 19, 2009 at 2:11 am

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Samantha James December 23, 2009 at 3:09 pm

You should take a look at the Vetinsurance website. Thats who I have for pet insurance with in Canada and they are pretty informative!

Anthony December 23, 2009 at 6:09 pm

Great article! I signed up earlier this year with Vetinsurance and they have been really great. My little Body got into an accident this summer and they covered 90% of the vet bill! It was very helpful and paying $25/mo definitely gives me peace of mind. The surgery he needed already paid for itself!

The thing I like about vetinsurance/Trupanion pet insurance is that they cover 90% of the bill, premiums don’t increase with pets age, and they cover hereditary and congenital problems. Really a great company worth looking into!

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