Churchill Pet insurance review – Reviews of Churchill dog insruance

by Jeremy on October 28, 2010

The pet insurance market has been steadily growing for some time now. With the number of pet owners continuously increasing, the number of pet insurance plans sold has been rising as well. Pet owners seem to have realized the importance of preparing for sudden situations that may put their pets’ lives and health at risk. Pet emergencies indeed can be a cause of anxiety, especially with the rising cost of vet fees, medical procedures, and pet medication. Pet care can be truly expensive, but for pet owners who avail of pet insurance, this high expense can be significantly subdued.

churchill pet insurance reviewsOne company that offers pet insurance packages is Churchill Pet Insurance.  We want pet owners to get the best insurance they can so that is why we have written this Churchill pet insurance review . Churchill offers value-for-money insurance in the form of the Pet Emergency and Pet insurance plans. At no extra charge, low monthly payments can be made, and you are sure that for just a few pounds per month, your dog is already covered for sudden injuries and emergency cases. Even more, when you purchase your pet insurance plan online, you get an on-the-spot 15% discount. This equates to greater savings for pet owners.

Pet travel coverage is included in the insurance packages of Churchill, so you’re sure that your pets are in safe hands whenever you go for a vacation. Any unexpected injuries and accidents during travel will be covered.

However, one disadvantage of acquiring Churchill as your pet insurance provider is the company does not provide coverage for the first 10 days upon the effectiveness date of the policy. This means that you may not process any claims immediately after purchasing the insurance plan. This is a disadvantage, as there are other pet insurance companies that enable coverage right after plan purchase. This 10-day period may become a roadblock for incidents when your pet may suddenly get sick and need medical procedure.

Another disadvantage of Churchill pet insurance is the age limit that the company imposes to pet dogs. Only dogs that are under 10 years old at the start of the policy can be serviced. Churchill does not provide insurance plans for older dogs. For pet owners who have always their dogs but are just about to purchase insurance for their pets, this is not good news.

Churchill also imposes a 12-month payment period for medical procedures and treatments. This means that pet owners can reimburse bills only until a year after the first treatment date. Churchill pet insurance wants to make sure that long-term illnesses are not covered, since the cost of such illnesses can be way high. According to the Churchill website “We pay up to £3000 for each eligible condition for up to 12 months from first treatment date, whichever limit comes first. The 12 month limit for each condition is used to keep down costs of long term illnesses e.g. maintenance drugs. It provides adequate cover for the majority of conditions and is common for competitively priced policies.”

As to how long claims can be processed, Churchill pet insurance promises to promptly reimburse. However, in some cases, reimbursement may not a much longer time. Churchill has no specific number of days by which pet owners can make claims. In other pet insurance companies, a maximum number of days is set to make sure all vet fees and animal hospital bills are reimbursed. The uncertainty that Churchill pet insurance exudes with this lack of preset reimbursement period is a negative mark on the insurance company.

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