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by Jeremy on May 2, 2010

As a pet owner, you would want the very best for your beloved dog. For this reason you would want to find the best dog insurance company that offers the ideal coverage for all of your dog’s needs. There are many dog insurance companies today which offer various pet health plans for pet owners all over the world. Petplan and Petsecure, located in the United States and Canada respectively, are two dog insurance companies which offer the best dog insurance covers for your dog.

Who is the best dog insurance company

Petplan is one of America’s best dog insurance companies and a leading world pet insurance provider. Petplan offers policies which provide full coverage for all hereditary medical conditions that your dog may be suffering from. Moreover, Petplan’s pet health insurance policies have no limitations on vet bills or time limitations within which a pet owner may submit a claim, and for any medical condition whatsoever. Most of the customer reviews about Petplan have been positive, with nine out of ten vets recommending Petplan as the best dog insurance company for their clients. Some of the positive reviews about Petplan commend the company for its favorable premium rates, quality customer service and flexibility in meeting all types of dog insurance claims.

What company offers the best dog insurance?

Petsecure is one of the best dog insurance companies in Canada, which offers pet health coverage for pet owners residing in every province within Canada. Some of the positive customer reviews about Petsecure commend the pet insurance company for keeping its word in terms of meeting pet owner claims just as they said they would. Petsecure is also said to pay fully for claims under their cover, reimbursing large amounts of vet bills to their clients. Moreover, Petsecure is said to pay promptly, within a period of 7 days in some instances. Petsecure has also received positive reviews with regard to its customer service.

If you would like to get pet insurance for your dog than be sure to shop around as many companies offer different rates.

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