Older Dog Insurance

by Jeremy on February 3, 2010

Dog Insurance for Older Dogs

Older dog insuranceIt is important to get insurance for your older dog because towards the end of a dog’s life, they become much more susceptible to various chronic diseases including cancer, arthritis, heart disease, as well as problems with the kidneys and liver. At such a time, vet bills will rise and it becomes too expensive to treat your dog of these health problems. For an older dog suffering from arthritis for example, you may find yourself having to buy a ramp, support harness, as well as medication all year round. The costs could rise to over $600.  For an older dog suffering from cancer, radiation therapy is required and this could cost well over $4 000. It is therefore important to take out older dog insurance in order to assist you in meeting the costs of caring for your aging pet.

However, it is not that easy to get older dog insurance. This is because not many pet insurance companies offer policy coverage to senior dogs. Moreover, in the event that the insurance company does offer older dog insurance, you will find that not all plans offered will cover cancer. This is because cancer is the leading cause of death for one in every two older dogs. For this reason, it is advisable to first check with your pet insurance company whether their policies cover cancer, before you decide to sign up. You should also note that most insurance companies will not cover preexisting health conditions for your older dog.

Even after you find a company that offers older dog insurance, you may find that their policies are much more expensive than covers for younger dogs, because senior dogs normally require much more expensive care. It is a good idea to consult your vet on recommending where to get the best older dog insurance cover for your aging best friend.

The best way to find a good dog insurance policy is to look around and get quotes from different pet insurance companies. Don’t just pick the first one you see, look for the best pet insurance. If the website is confusing, feel free to call the pet insurance company, they should be happy to help you. (oh and ask lots of questions)

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