Dog Club Insurance

by Jeremy on November 27, 2009

dog club insuranceDog Club Insurance
Do you own a dog club? Do you have dog club insurance? Many people know how important dog insurance is, but if you own a dog club it is important to have dog club insurance. Read the information below to find out why.

Insurance for dog clubs is important for any dog club to have in order to ensure the protection of their financial assets. This is because in the event that your dogs cause injury to other persons or damage to property, you will be protected from being sued. Liability insurance will also offer protection from harm that comes to someone else’s dog while on your property.

Some insurance companies will offer dog club insurance premiums which vary depending on the breed of the dog, as well as benefits based on recommendations from veterinarians. You may also have a choice between monthly and annual premium payments for your dog club insurance. Some dog club insurance policies will offer reimbursements for emergencies and illnesses, as well as accidental injuries.

Aside from dog insurance, dog club insurance coverage may also be offered to shield the directors and officers of the dog club from liability. As such, dog club directors and officers will be protected from being sued in the event that there is a canine-related injury or property damage has taken place on their property. A medical expense coverage may also be offered to assist in avoiding lawsuits by providing insurance coverage for out-of-pocket medical expenses which result from an accident at a dog club sponsored activity or covered event.

Some dog club insurance policies will also offer coverage for dog training classes. This will come in handy in the event that a dog club member trains their own dogs in the absence of the owners or other dogs. However, should there be non-club members present during the training; the premium may be higher due to the extra exposure as a result of third party involvement. As a dog club owner, you may also wish to consider taking out a policy to protect your club property, which may even include coverage for earthquakes.

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