Dog Breeders Insurance

by Jeremy on December 25, 2009

Dog Breeder Insurance

Dog breeder insuranceDog breeding is a business just like any other and for this reason, it is important for every breeder to take out a dog breeder’s insurance policy to protect their business. A dog breeders’ insurance policy is insurance coverage that breeders can buy to protect them from the damage, theft and loss of the dogs they breed. Dog breeder’s insurance policy may also offer coverage for vet bills for their dogs in case of illness or accidents, as well as covering loss should a dog die. With a good dog breeders’ insurance cover, the breeder will avoid suffering great losses as their assets will be fully insured.

Some dog breeders’ insurance policies offer liability coverage to protect the breeder from being sued in the event that their staff or any other person is attacked and bitten by one of the breeder’s dogs. Moreover, such a cover will also shield the breeder in the event that their dog causes damage to other people’s property. Some dog breeders’ insurance policies enable the breeder to provide their clients with their own insurance plan coverage for up to a month after buying the dog. This gives the pet owner immediate coverage for illnesses and injuries up to a certain amount, as soon as the breeder activates the policy on behalf of the new dog owner.

One benefit of dog breeders’ insurance is that it adds value to the new owner when they buy a dog with free insurance. As such, in the event that the dog suffers injury or falls ill within the coverage period, owners are less likely to return the dog to the breeder. Dog breeders insurance usually comes with benefits such as free advertising on the insurance company’s website, which enables the breeder to find homes for their dogs faster, as well as reward credit for every new cover that’s activated. Using this type of dog breeder insurance is a great way to protect your business, as well as reach more customers.

After reading this article you can see how important insurance for dog breeders is. If something happens on your property you risk losing your livlihood. If you are looking for dog breeders insurance then you could visit some of the sponsored links on my site.

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Janet Morris January 12, 2010 at 2:28 pm

I wish to Insure my year old Puppy dog. I have changed from our previous one as they tried to take payment BEFORE the due date and so caused me Bank Charges. I insured with you many years ago and was satisfied with your Cover. I dont actually Breed but simply want a good cover for Charli. With Thanks Janet and Charli

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