Dog Bites Insurance

by Jeremy on January 7, 2010

Dog Bites Insurance

When you make the all important decision to buy a dog, you normally focus on their gentle nature, friendliness, loyalty and companionship. Even while you wish to concentrate on a dog’s positive points, you should not forget their dangerous unpredictable nature as well. This is because a dog can suddenly turn into a vicious pet and cause harm to the people around you. It is therefore important for all dog owners to take reasonable measures to protect themselves from lawsuits that may arise from accidents such as injuries caused by their dog. One way to ensure this protection is through the purchase of dog bite insurance.

Dog bite insurance is insurance coverage that pet owners can buy in order to protect them from being sued in the event that their dog bites someone. Such policies enable the dog owner to have their insurance company pay out reasonable amounts of compensation for victims of canine-inflicted injuries. This type of insurance will protect relationships with the people who are closest to the pet owner including relatives, friends and neighbors who face a chance of being attacked by the dog. This is especially important seeing as dogs are more likely to bite someone who is closest to the dog owner.

Once your dog bites someone, you may face the risk of losing your insurance. This is because the insurance company will thereafter regard your dog as an increased risk, thereby requesting certain changes to your policy such as a higher premium. Dog bite insurance is especially important for owners of large dogs such as Dobermans, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds and Great Danes. This is because larger dogs are regarded as being more likely to exhibit violent behavior such as biting, than smaller dogs. As such, dog bite insurance enables the dog owner to minimize the financial risk they would face due to violence caused by their pet against other people.

With the amount of people being bit by dogs, and also the amount of people in the country being sued it is very important to protect yourself. If you take your dog out in public on a regular basis then why not look into getting insurance against a dog biting someone? It may be cheaper than you think.

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