Pet Insurance that Covers Pre existing Conditions

by Jeremy on November 3, 2010

If you have ever wondered if you could get pet insurance for your pet that covers pre existing conditions then as you know they are few and far between. It is almost non existent to get cover for an existing illness as most pet insurance companies only pay for new illnesses. It is the same as with us as most health care doesn’t include pre existing conditions.

There is only one website that I have found that may be able to help you out. It seems that only “pet insurance online” did not exclude pre existing illnesses. As you know it is very hard to find any pet policy to exclude pre existing conditionspet insurance covers pre existing conditions so you may be looking around for a long time to find one.

With Pet Insurance Online you get lifelong coverage which makes sure that your pet is covered for the rest of its life which is a good idea. You renew it annually and it tends not to exclude cover for pre existing conditions that your pet has had in the past.

The number of times you claim is unlimited which will give your animal the very best in care regardless of how much the care it needs. There is a capped amount though on the annual basis which is the maximum amount stated in the policy.

Life long pet insurance can be the most expensive cover to maintain but for what it gives you it is well worth the price. Just think you do get what you pay for and everything is covered with your pet no matter what pre existing condition it has or has had.

You have probably looked around for a decent pet insurance but could not find one that would take on existing illnesses and as I have said before, there isn’t any around except for the one listed above. So don’t waste your time looking around for this type of insurance because it doesn’t exist.

There are no policies that exclude from pre existing conditions of your pet unless you go to pet insurance online and this is a policy that is called lifelong. It will cover you for almost anything but can be a bit expensive, but taking on board how much vets fees are then this is a good buy for your pet.

This is the only place that I have found pre existing condition covered for. As of yet there is nothing out there to cover anything to do with past illnesses which is a shame because a lot of animals do suffer from on going illnesses. The only other way around this is to put away some money each month for your pet to cover whenever he gets ill. If you put away the same amount of money that you would be paying for an insurance policy then after a couple of years or so you should have enough to cover any illness that arises with your pet.

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