Pet Insurance plans for multiple pets

by Jeremy on November 3, 2010

When you have more than one pet in your home then you should think about whether you should have pet insurance for multiple pets as it works out a lot cheaper than having each pet insured individually. If you take out insurance cover that is arranged through just one insurer then you should get a good discount so it pays to think about this type of insurance.

Pet Insurance Discounts for Multiple Pets

pet insurance multiplepets

There are some excellent discounts for multiple pets insurance on offer. Some of the insurers usually discount on a second pet by around 10% and some other insurers may provide even larger discounts of up to 40%, so it pays to look around to find one that is both cheap and suitable for your pets needs

The benefits of multiple pet insurance is that all of your pets will be insured and should any of them get an illness or injury then you can make a claim on the insurance. It provides you with peace of mind knowing that all of your pets are covered should anything go wrong and it won’t cost as much as doing it in a single policy.

Many insurance companies now show their discount rates online so have a look around and see what one is best for you. It you like a particular insurance company but they don’t show you any discounts for multiple pets then always ask as you can be sure that they will usually give you a discount for this.

Pet Insurance Companies that Offer Multiple Pet Discounts

Direct Line pet insurance offer a 15% discount for multiple pets. Sainsburys pet insurance also offer 5% for the same policy. Virgin Pet Insurance offers 15% and Asdas offer 10%. MoreThan offer a good 20% for the multiple pet insurance and Marks and Spencers offer 5%. So you can see that there are savings to be made with multiple pet insurance.

When you are searching around for a good pet insurance then you will know that it can be a bit tiresome so it always helps if someone can recommend a pet insurance company that can save you money. There is an insurance company called PetsBest Insurance and they provide pet insurance for your entire animal family.

All of the plans will reimburse you 80% of the vet bills for any treatment that is related to accident, injury or illness. They offer emergency visits and hospitalization and specialist care. They also provide medication injections and lab tests and even MRI, Cat and X-Rays for your pets. There is outpatient care and also holistic care such as acupuncture and chiropractic.

You can choose any vet or specialist or emergency centre anywhere all over the world. They have no age limits on pets and don’t use any restrictive benefits on illnesses or accidents or injuries. This is a good insurance plan and well worth a look. So you can see, it does pay to insure your pets with multiple pet insurance as then you have nothing to worry about and will know that your pets are being properly cared for.

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