Pet Insurance Costs

by Jeremy on November 9, 2010

If you want pet insurance then it is best to look around as they vary quite a lot .There is a very broad range of insurance companies that provide pet insurance cover and there are many different policies to choose from. On average a dog will cost more to insure than a cat and obviously a larger dog will cost more than a smaller one.

Starting Price of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance starts at around £8.00 per month for a dog and £5 per month for a cat (about double in US or Canadian dollars) but if pet insurance costsyou have a certain high breed then it will go up quite a bit. Some dogs cost more to insure due to their genetics or personality. Always try to read the small print before you purchase as there are also excesses that have to be paid when you claim and they can vary considerably. You may also be interested in our UK dog insurance reviews

First of all you have to ask yourself if pet insurance is necessary for your pet. Then you have to calculate how much you can afford to pay for the insurance. The vets fees are rising so be aware of what it can cost to make your vet better. For example fixing a broken leg can cost around £800 for a pet and surgery on a dog that has eaten something that it shouldn’t can cost be around £1.500. So as you can see this is a lot to pay if you haven’t got insurance for your pet. For more you can read our article called what is the cheapest pet insurance

What does pet insurance cover?

The insurance can cover all sorts of things such as if your pet is stolen and even cover you if you have to cancel your holiday because your pet is unwell. You should think, that when you are paying the insurance premiums that you are putting the money into a dog fund for your dog just in case he falls ill so there is money in the bank for anything he needs.

The premiums will range according to the pets age and its pedigree and where you live as living in London has a higher rate for insurance. When you apply for a pet insurance for your pet then you must tell them all about your pet’s health history as although this may push up your premiums then it will save you money later down the line, as if they find out that the problem already existed they may not pay out. If you are having trouble with finding a good pet insurance company you may be interested in our article on how to find the best dog insurance

Pet insurance is very similar to people taking out private health insurance on themselves with the same clauses. So think carefully what you can afford and what you want covered and always remember to look at the small print to see what’s excluded in the insurance. Also it pays to remember that some insurance have a limit for each condition so if your dog exceeds the limit in one year then you may have to find the rest of the money if he suffers from an ongoing illness like diabetes.

All in all, it is a wise thing to purchase pet insurance as it does cover your dog if he falls ill, but take a look around and see what one covers your dog for what you want and what you can afford first.

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