Pet Insurance Tips – How to find the best dog insurance

by Jeremy on September 17, 2010

Finding insurance for your dog is very important. As a dog owner you are responsible for everything your dog needs, you are their provider. It is a given that you will provide food, shelter and water, but what about health care?

finding the best dog insuranceDogs also need health care, just like people, the only difference is that people go to the doctors and dogs go to the vet. If you own a dog they will get sick, they will need check ups, and almost certainly you will become concerned about your dog and want a second opinion. The biggest concern about owning a pet is their health. What happens is your dog gets sick, or injured and you can not afford the medical bills? In this case your only option may be to have your loved dog put down. This is terrible to think about, however it can happen and this is why you should consider dog insurance.

How to find the best dog insurance

Finding the best insurance for your dog is very important. There are a lot of dog insurance companies out there, and choosing one can be a difficult task. In this article I will show you how to find the best dog insurance.

First you need all the right information, you should determine the breed of your dog and find what health problems are common for their breed. Knowing this will help you in your search. Now you should visit the top dog insurance companies and get a list of quotes. Decide what you want in your policy first, and what type of coverage you want. Some companies offer “full coverage” however many pet insurance companies will not cover pre-existing diseases so check to see what is not covered. You should make a list of each pet insurance companies plan, what they cover, what they don’t cover, and how much the plan will cost. Once you have this list you are ready to compare and find the best price on dog insurance, and what plan gives your dog the best coverage.

This list should narrow down your search for your dogs health coverage. To select your provider you can now look for dog insurance reviews. To find reviews you can do a google search for the company, and you can also find reviews on their website. Most of these reviews are moderated, only showing the best ones, but they dogive you an idea of what the company pays out for. Another good place to find dog insurance reviews is on dog forums, this is a good place to find honest reviews

Quick tips to find a good pet insurance company

  • Find what health problems are common for the breed of dog you own
  • Make a list of well known pet insurance providers
  • Get a few quotes from each company, get the cheapest, and the most expensive so you can compare
  • Now find out what each plan covers from each plan
  • Now that you have a list of plans that vary in price and coverage you can compare them to find the best insurance for your dog
  • You should now have a handful of dog insurance plans, the last step is to read reviews of the companies you have chosen and pick the one you feel is the best

Many pet insurance companies offer free quotes, so look around and get reviews from multiple pet insurance websites

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