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by Jeremy on December 10, 2010

When conducting your pet insurance comparison for Canadian providers, you will need to take into account the monthly premiums,pet insurance comparison canada deductibles as well as the maximum enrollment ages. Most Canadian pet insurance providers offer 3 coverage options. These include Accident Only, Accident plus illness and Accident, illness, and routine/preventative/wellness care. Accident Only is typically the cheapest pet insurance plan that you can find in Canada. This cover will only provide protection to your pet in the event that they are involved in an accident. However, there are certain low-cost plans which also offer some basic coverage for illnesses.

Accident plus illness is a plan which covers, accidents, illnesses, surgery, in-hospital treatment, prescription medications, treatment of hereditary conditions, and some diagnostic testing. Other extras that are covered under this plan include advertising and rewards for missing pets, boarding fees for pets whose owners have been hospitalized as well as cancellation of vacations in the event that your pet falls seriously ill. However, you should note that accident and illness policies do not cover any preexisting conditions in your pet.

Accident, illness, and routine/preventative/wellness care plans are the most expensive plans and may also feature extras including annual medical checkups, alternative or complementary therapies, dental treatments and cleaning, cremations and burials, micro chipping, euthanasia, testing and prevention for fleas, ticks and heartworms, vaccinations, rehabilitative therapies, prescription food, spay or neuter surgery, as well as the treatment of chronic conditions.

When comparing Canadian pet insurance plans, you will find that the amounts or premiums, deductibles and co-pay may vary depending on the age, breed, species of the pet, as well as the location in which the pet owner and pet reside. Below is a look at some top pet insurance providers in Canada.

Petsecure –

Petsecure is Canada’s largest pet insurance company whose basic coverage is broader than most, and includes cancer treatment, dental treatment, and hip dysplasia. Claims are processed within 5 business days. The plans offered by Petsecure are customizable and preventative or routine care may be added. The maximum enrollment age is also unlimited under the Petsecure insurance plans.

Vetinsurance Brokers Canada/Trupanion –

The insurance plans offered by Vetinsurance cover illness and accident, including surgery, medications and diagnostic testing. Unlike many other pet insurance providers, Vetinsurance plans don’t exclude congenital or hereditary conditions.

PurinaCare Canada –

PurinaCare plans will cover accidents and illnesses, as well as hereditary conditions. Their higher-priced plans also cover preventative care. The maximum enrollment age is also unlimited under the PurinaCare Canada insurance plans.

Pethealth Inc. –

Pethealth insurance features various brands including QuickCare, Union Plus Pet Insurance, 24 Pet Watch, ShelterCare and Petcare Pals (with PETCO). The cheaper pet insurance plans from Pethealth however do not include recurring illnesses.

PC Financial Pet Insurance (President’s Choice) –

PC Financial does not charge any set-up fees and offers a number of free extras, including emergency boarding fees for pets when their owners are hospitalized, compensation for holiday cancellations arising from serious pet illness, advertising and/ or reward costs for missing pets, as well as compensation for loss of pets due to eligible accidents or illnesses.


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Nicole Yeung March 31, 2011 at 10:11 am

Hi I’m interested in getting pet insurance for my 2 puppies (shorkie tzu & yorkie) when i’m looking for a plan i should inquire about the accident plus illness plan? i’m not sure what’s important when looking into insurances — please help!! :P..well based on what your article states, it sounds like the accident plus illness would be more ideal to go with b/c it’s in btwn the basic and the plus plan..have you had alot of negative feedback from trupanion pet insurance? i like their price compared to the other 4 listed above. Thanks in advance.

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