Best Pet Insurance in Canada

by Jeremy on November 25, 2010

There are dangers that pets can come across which may cause financial stress on pet owners due to the unexpected strain that is placed on their savings. Pet insurance is important in helping you in the event that your pet suffers an accident or falls ill. This will assist both pet owner and pet when unexpected costs arise. The good news is that if you are a pet owner living in Canada, you can now find pet insurance from some of the best pet insurance providers that Canada has to offer.

PetSecure Pet Insurance

This is one of the best pet insurance companies in Canada which helps pet owners provide their pets with great health care. What’s best pet insurance canadamore, regardless of the type of coverage the pet owner chooses, PetSecure will reimburse you for up to 80% of the costs of your vet bills. The company also offers an exclusive Secure For Life guarantee which means that pet owners will never have to worry about facing limitations on their coverage. PetSecure coverage also renews every year for the lifetime of the pet, a feature not seen with other pet insurance providers. Other benefit of taking out pet insurance coverage with PetSecure is that your pet will also receive dental coverage which is inclusive of annual cleaning. There are no age limits or maximum limits whatsoever, and you get to visit the vet of your choice. In addition, this insurance company processes all claims within 5 working days which makes them a leader in Canadian pet insurance. PetSecure serves pet owners in the whole of Canada.

PC Financial Pet Insurance

This is another good pet insurance provider in Canada. This company offers pet protection that is easy to carry which helps to complement the pet owner’s efforts in training their pet to stay healthy. This way you get to avoid the strain of unexpected illnesses or accidents involving your pet, placed on your savings. PC Financial offers four simple affordable pet insurance plans. The first is the Accident plan coverage which begins at $9.95 per month for cats and $10.95 per month for dogs. Pet owners also get to enjoy coverage for dogs of all ages and breeds, and what’s more, the age of your dog will not affect your premium in any way. You also do not need to pay any setup fees in order to begin your policy and upon request, you can get a free no-obligation quote from PC Financial.

PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance

This is another good pet insurance provider which serves pet owners in the whole of Canada. With this pet health insurance from PurinaCare, pet owners are able to take advantage of the very latest in veterinary medicine for the health benefits of their beloved pets. PurinaCare offers a simple yet affordable plan which covers a whole range of health requirements for your pet. This includes coverage for any unexpected illnesses, for accidents as well as to enable your pet to undergo regularly scheduled exams and medications.

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